I’m in love…

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…with Baltimore’s Inner Harbor! It may sound silly but everyone needs to add this to their Bucketlist of places to see! I can’t wait until we can head down there again and just wander. We could probably spend every weekend there and still not see everything! This past week, Munchkin and I took a trip to the Inner Harbor with my mom. My mom and dad purchased an annual membership to the National Aquarium for Munchkin’s birthday so we figured we would check it out. We had a ton of fun! After our short trip to the aquarium (don’t go at lunch/nap time without a plan) we ventured over to the “Power Plant” and ate our weight in Hard Rock Cafe burgers and dessert! SO GOOD! 


We had a blast just sitting on the patio and people watching. It was a work day so there was a lot of foot traffic at the lunch rush. There are so many good restaurants in the Power Plant – Dick’s Last Resort, Hard Rock Cafe, Potbelly’s, Chipotle, and Phillips Seafood. Plus it looks over the water a bit so you can see some fun looking boats over to the side. 

Besides great food (which I could probably spend hours talking about all of the restaurants I want to try out) there is also just a lot of things to do! Right at the front of the Harbor is M&T Stadium (Home of the Ravens) and Camden Yards (Home of the Orioles.) Then you venture in more to find the Aquarium, a Children’s Museum, the Coast Guard cutter museum, Pride of Baltimore museum, and lots of fun little shops as well as big name stores. The architecture is so unique as there is a mix between very modern to 19th century. It’s perfect for everyone! They also offer Harbor tours by boat and water taxi rides.

The other great thing about the Inner Harbor is that is seems to always be open! We went on a Thursday and parking was easy to find and the crowds were typical summer weekday crowds. The only downfall for going during the week is that parking can be costly. I’m talking $22 for 3 hours. But on the weekend you can usually find all day parking for about $8. Traffic can get a bit hairy but, it is a fairly large city and by those standards, it’s not that bad. If I can navigate the traffic, anyone can! And the temps during the summer are really not that bad. The humidity on the other hand…just be prepared!

I really am looking forward to going back soon! We will be catching some ball games in the fall which makes me one excited gal! And I’m sure that the Holiday season will be extremely fun! And, if you get a chance to make it to the harbor, please let me know how you liked it!

Photo credit to cityadivsor.com and flickr.com


Happy Birthday to my little!

I can’t believe it! My munchkin is 3 years old today! How did this happen? Where did the time go?! I still remember being pregnant like it was yesterday! She has brought so much joy to our lives in these short three years! She is the greatest! I love watching her grow and learn and overcome. We have had some trying times but she is such a trooper. She handles doctors and therapists like a pro! She is always providing us with humor, even when she is making me pull my hair out! She is the most caring person I have ever met, always making sure that those around her are ok if she feels they may be hurt or sad. She has taught me so much and I pray that she will continue to teach me as she grows!

In honor of her birthday today, we are having a few friends over for some burgers and hot dogs…and cake! We let her pick out cake the other and she went with Frozen! I was so excited that it was girly and not of the cars or planes genre! Plus she will have a few presents to open as well. Let’s just pray that the weather holds out this afternoon! I’d hate if it gets too bad!

Now to go and enjoy this wonderful day with our princess! Have a great Saturday everyone!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!

Today marks five years that I have been blessed to be married to my best friend and the love of my life! It took some bad choices on both our parts to lead us to a point in our lives to find each other but it was worth it! I have been reflecting a lot lately about all of the grandiose plans we had made prior to getting married and even shortly after getting married and I have to stop and laugh. Obviously, those plans have not come to fruition and that is ok! If you would have asked us five years ago, we would be childless and spending our fifth anniversary back at a Sandals resort. Today we have a gorgeous daughter and Matt is working while I’m staying home nursing some pretty painful injuries and taking care of our little. We had also both planned on finishing our Master’s degree within these five years. Well, that hasn’t happened either. In fact, Matt hasn’t started his at all and while I have 2 1/12 years of part-time school remaining in mine, I believe I will never go back to complete that particular degree. But no matter what plans that we have made that we didn’t fulfill, we are happy and healthy and that is what is most important to us! Marriage is full of ups and downs and ours has been no different. It takes work, daily. And I really believe that those people who say that they don’t have to work daily on their marriage are just going through the motions of being married. I enjoy putting in the effort to have a good marriage. And I know that I will enjoy putting in the effort as we continue on down the road. It makes life fun! I did ask Matt the other day what plans he had for our next five years. He kinda chuckled and then said something about not wanting to make any plans. I’m guessing that this is probably because we failed miserably at our first set of plans. But, oh well. He knows me and knows that I will be making plans. It’s just my thing. So here goes:

My plans for our next five years of marriage!
1 – Get back to a Sandals resort for an “Us only” Vacation!
2 – Have another little.
3 – Continue working on us every day!

My plans aren’t super crazy this time around…I’ve learned! 🙂 But I still like plans. And I do have other hopes and dreams for us but I put those on a different list.

Well, time to get back to reality and nurse these injuries while playing mommy and chef and maid! One day maybe we can afford a chef and a maid!

S#*t my kid says! Installment #1


That’s right…welcome to my first ever S#*t my kid says. Kinda like the S#*t my dad says…but it’s munchkin instead! I got the idea while talking to my dad yesterday. I’ve also decided I really need to start writing down some of the things she says and does because OMG! She may be the funniest person I know. I see a career in comedy in our future…as long as she supports us! LOL! And disclaimer…the above picture is not my kid and I borrowed it from the interwebs!

Ok…so the other night, while putting munchkin down for bed, she starts misbehaving. Shocking, I know! But for 8:30 at night it was a bit excessive, even for her. I finally got to the point that I told her if she didn’t quit I was going to call her daddy up and he was going to spank her. (Yep…putting that all on daddy!) So about 5 minutes later, after she was good and calm, she asks for daddy. This is a common occurrence in our house. She has to have both of us at some point read a book before bed. Anywho, I told her I would go and get daddy. And her response: “Ok, mommy, but no hitting Brynnleigh.” SERIOUSLY CHILD?! Where does she come up with this stuff?! Could you imagine if she were to say that in the middle of a store with people listening?! And we rarely spank her as it is! I could just see the headlines now…”Local Sailor and spouse arrested following 2-year-old begging not be hit in the middle of Costco!” Ugh, this child! We are seriously going to have our hands full as she gets older!

Now on to yesterday. She seriously had my crying I was laughing so hard! Let me start with a bit of back story on this one (or it won’t make a lot of sense.) When munchkin was younger, like baby younger, Matt would sometimes frustrate me beyond belief (No! Not Matt!) And I used to have this saying “I just want to shake my fist at you!” And sometimes I would even shake my fist at him. He would laugh because I apparently would also make some face that he thought was funny. Ok, fast forward to present day. Last night we were all sitting on the couch and munchkin and Matt were in a tickle fight. Well, munchkin hurt her hand somehow so we paused the tickle fight to check it out. After she got down letting me inspect everything, I asked her to make a fist (just to make sure she could bend her fingers without pain.) And Matt is asking her to tell us if her hand hurts still. So what does this kid do?! She makes a fist, as asked, and then starts shaking it at Matt while he is talking to her! I died! I really do try to not laugh at everything she does but the look on Matt’s face and the look on her face was priceless! She, evidently, has gotten my “looks” down perfectly! I really hope she doesn’t do it again! But if she does…I might just pee my pants!

I hope you all enjoyed this installment of S#*t My Kid Says! Stay tuned because I guarantee there will be more!

Happy July…and all that jazz!

So yesterday I received a voicemail saying “See you tomorrow, July 2nd!” First, I thought “Oh wow today’s July 1st!” and then realized that it was in fact the 2nd. So I missed the meeting I wanted to go to since the secretary also didn’t realize what day it was. And then I dawned on me…today is July 2nd! Munchkin will be three in just a mere 31 days! How did this happen?! And how is it already July?! I know I sound like a bit of a broken record but I just cannot get over how quickly time is going by. This means that we only have 22 months left here in Maryland unless we can get an extension (and I am praying we can!) We still haven’t made a list of everything that we would like to do. And I still feel as if I’m on a vacation instead of actually living here. I need to get a routine started here so I don’t lose my mind completely.

So just a quick update on everything that has been going on since my last post, 20 years ago! We really haven’t done a lot. It’s so stinkin’ humid here that it is hard to get out and enjoy things at times. Yesterday we weren’t allowed to go outside after 10am because of the heat index. Munchkin was not a happy camper at all! We have made good friends with a wonderful couple here and have tried to hang out with them as much as we can. The neighbors around us are still pretty standoffish with the exception of the few that just arrived here as well. Matt is really trying to push me to get back into working out. I’m super grateful for his encouragement but I just don’t want to! That needs to change, I know! Today is supposed to be the base’s Fourth of July celebration but it seems that it will all be postponed due to weather. Between a cold front trying to come through right now and Hurricane Arthur headed this direction, the next 3-4 days might get interesting. I’m praying it stays on the track it’s on now because I am not prepared for a hurricane to make land fall near here. Munhckin is starting therapy this month, with her first session being today, so I am praying we can get some guidance on how to work with her. I will get a post up soon on just an update of everything we have discovered with her since moving here. It’s rather fascinating.

Well, time to leave and get ready for our day. I pray everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Getting settled in our new home

It’s amazing how quickly time has been going by and how difficult it is to get adjusted. We have been in Maryland for three weeks now and it definitely is not what I am used to. Just for a quick recap…we got here on Memorial Day and went without our household goods for almost two weeks! The moving company decided they would completly ignore the delivery date and make their own schedule. I was not very happy! The move itself was very stressful with so many things found wrong once everything was delievered. We are still missing items that I watched the movers pack in TX. And we discovered so many items that were never even added to our inventory list. Lessons learned for the next move. I will be going through our next inventory list with a fine tooth comb before it ever leaves the house!

We have gotten most of the house set up but I still feel like there is a lot to do. I have a bit of OCD but don’t want to do anything to get over it. Now that I’m not working, I have yet to adjust to being a stay-at-home mom and feel like I am on vacation. I need to get over that and quick! There is so much to do around the house while making sure that munchkin is kept entertained. And there are so many places that we want to go and see but I tend to have to put our venturing out on hold until housework is done. I need to find that balance, like yesterday!

We got munchkin in for a therapy evaluation last week and services should begin soon! She has been diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder which explains so much! I really wish we would have had these providers from the beginning instead of who we did have. She ages out of this program in just two months so we have a lot to do in a very short amount of time. I’m praying she will qualify for the next program! But, if she doesn’t, I’m prepared to fight to get her services from somewhere else. And we learned that our orders are only for two years so now we have to figure out how to stay here longer. I am really wanting to stay for three or four years just so she can have some consistency in her services. Fingers crossed!

We were able to venture into DC yesterday with some new friends! We went to the National Zoo and spent the whole day there! The zoo is amazing! It’s free entry for everyone, everyday! It’s a teaching and research zoo so there is a lot of information you wouldn’t receive at other zoos. The only thing I was disappointed in was that they do not allow strollers inside the exhibit buildings. We didn’t really follow that rule just because we know how munchkin can be once she gets out of the stoller and we didn’t want to risk it. We had a fantastic day and munchkin was so well behaved! It was a perfect way to spend Father’s Day!

Well now it’s back to reality after the weekend! Time to clean house and figure things out. I will be working on a daily routine that works for us and getting it implemented soon. Plus, we are also moving towards a Whole30 challenge to begin after the Fourth of July. I’m really excited to get the whole family eating better! We all need it! And we will also be working on our east coast bucket list. It will be hard to narrow it out down but I think we can do it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a great week! Stay tuned for more updates as our east coast adventure takes off!

Moving week

It’s finally here! Moving week! The movers will be here in two days to pack up all of our stuff and then they will be loading and driving away with it in four days! The following day we will be headed to Fort Worth to spend the weekend with family, including my brother and future sister-in-law! The weekend might get a little interesting with a small space and so many people. Plus, munchkin doesn’t do very well with lots of people around. I pray that will be different this time around but I won’t be holding my breathe. We only have a week left until we are finally reunited with my hubby! I couldn’t be more excited and nervous! After almost 8 months apart we are going to have to relearn everything about living together again. His bachelor days are over! 🙂

I keep looking around the house and I feel that I have so much to do still. All of the moves we have made in the past 7 years have been done completly by us. I’m having a hard time accepting that someone else will be packing everything. When I see everything not in boxes I start to have a panic attack thinking I have forgotten about all of it. I still don’t think the move has actually sunk in yet. Taking this Texas girl out of Texas is a really weird thought. Oddly enough, it’s not the first time I have lived outside of Texas, but it’s the first time I have lived in a different state. I am being positive about it but I find myself procrastinating when it comes to packing. Well, it’s one of the reasons I’m procrastinating; the other reason being I just hate packing.

So now I need to get moving and actually figure out what I need to pack in the car instead of letting the movers pack it. I swear this may be the hardest thing I have ever had to figure out. And I only have one more night to do it in. Fingers crossed that I don’t lose my mind in the next 24 hours. Oh yea, I still have to go to work tomorrow. That doesn’t raise the stress level or anything 🙂 I’ll check back in and let you know how everything is going once the packers get here.